POTUS Possesses Legal Authority to Become Lifetime Dictator

By  on August 13, 2013@wordsmithworker

If I walked up to you on the street and told you we were being ruled by a legally authorized dictator, you’d probably laugh, call me a liar or hit me, right? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that potential already exists and the power is already possessed by the President of the United States (POTUS).

By writing or activating an Executive Order, a privilege awarded to POTUS, any POTUS can legally self-award the title and authority of a dictator for life. And there is nothing Congress or the public can do about it.

The president can cancel and revoke all civil rights granted to citizens under the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all Constitutional Amendments, court decisions and privileges and protections resultant from those currently legal documents. And all the president must do is pretend there’s an emergency situation.

The government can take control of the Internet, banks and other financial institutions, energy companies and resources and suspend all civil rights, protections and privileges of citizens.

The president can cancel elections or disband Congress itself. The president can grant lifetime occupancy of the office, title, authority and self-determined rights. And once that happens, nobody can legally do a darned thing about it unless they succeed in revolting.

People can be rounded up, transported to undisclosed locations for undetermined durations of time, be forced to work without monetary compensation on “government programs and projects,” without the right to refuse, and the government can confiscate any and all private or corporate possessions “perceived” to be a threat to national security or during a “perceived” emergency situation of any nature whatsoever, including presidential whim. (Sorry, George W. Bush. You missed your chance to become the dictator of this country as you expressed a wish to become.) Thank goodness you’re not currently president.

The president can suspend for any duration term limits. All he has to “perceive” is that elections during a time of emergency would be disruptive. *click. *whoosh. There they go, those ashes blowing in the wind.

The president can legally disband Congress or rescind the Constitution, for if Da Prez has the legal right to determine what is legal and what is not — and without oversight, neither the Constitution, any legislative body or Congress itself has purpose. Save the money. We might hear,

“Fire ‘em, and close it down.”

The “perceived” emergency situation doesn’t have to be real. The president must simple believe one might exist. The emergency can be military, economic, social or medical. It’s all up to whoever is POTUS at the time an Executive Order is created and entered onto the Federal Registry to become law. And if the president creates one or activates an EO that is or will be registered, the president has no legal obligation of public disclosure of the existence or activation of said EO. That’s covered under Executive Privilege. Once created or invoked, POTUS or his staff is not required to disclose anything to anyone. POTUS can require silence and deny it exists until it’s too late.

Once invoked, only the president has legal authority to deactivate any Executive Order that is law.

All it takes is the flick of a pen across a document labeled “Executive Order” and a chronological number assigned to it.

And there’s nothing, once registered, that Congress, the Supreme Court or the public can do about it. Ever. Unless the future “law” is broken and people rise up in revolution and protest. Evade capture and win.

Figure the odds when all it takes is a Presidential signature, rendered in a moment, to assume the role of dictator of a sovereign nation.

Don’t tell me: You thought you lived in democracy, right? Here. Have a carton of tissues.

Want to know just a few of the Executive Orders that are now law? Click the link. Warning:Reading the material may cause a physical reaction that may cause physical harm to the reader. If you have a severe or potentially harmful medical condition, seek competent medical advice before reading this short list of lawful Executive Orders currently on the books.

What can Congress or the public do? Act early. Act now. Require revocation of presidential authorities granted by unpublicized Executive Orders, even if eventually published on the public document called the Federal Registry.

You might question who was stupid enough to allow this kind of authority to a potential dictator. That’s a legitimate . The answer is simple, short and frightening: Congress did.

It matters not that the contemporary Congress wasn’t even a twinkle in great-great-grandad’s eye. The Constitution and Congress granted the executive power of our government the privilege of Executive Powers, which, in a short paraphrase, reserves presidential privilege of non-disclosure of events or documents when a national security issue is “perceived.”

Study the presented list of current Executive Orders. Remember history? Of what does the current military, political, economic, financial or social situation remind you? A state of war exists: drugs and terror. The country is in fiscal crisis, an emergency situation if there ever was one.

Now, with all that in mind, what’s the difference between Barack Hussein Obama, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein?

The spelling.

It’s already happening. Quietly. Covertly. Disguised as something else.

Don’t allow it.