From Capitalism Institute

One of the most important lines Obama has given about his request that congress authorize an attack on Syria is that he doesn’t believe he needs permission.

He claims that he has the authority to attack Syria with or without congress. This is not only constitutionally absurd — its a sign that we’re one decision away to a military dictatorship.

Now, a State Department official has come forward saying that Obama’s plan is to attack Syria even if congress says “no”. This is an illegal, unconstitutional, and completely impeachable offense. If this doesn’t fall under “high crimes and misdemeanors”, then nothing does.

If Obama does actually move to start a war without any authority other than his own choice, he will have committed a level of illegal betrayal to the constitution that will warrant impeachment and conviction.

It’s not about petty politics or partisan bickering. It’s about the very nature of limited government.

Here’s more about the State Department official from The Blaze:

President Obama will carry out military action against Syria even if Congress votes against it, a senior State Department official tells Fox News’ Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen.

Rosen’s notes concerning the White House’s reported intentions regarding the Syrian crisis were posted on Fox News colleague Greta Van Susteren’s Gretawire site late Saturday afternoon.

Rosen reports that “the president’s decision to seek a congressional debate and vote was a surprise to most if not all of” his national security team members. The state department official who communicated with Rosen added that Obama’s move to seek congressional approval “did not supplant the president’s earlier decision to use force in Syria, only delayed its implementation.”

“That’s going to happen, anyway,” the source told Rosen, which is why Obama’s Rose Garden remarks Saturday included his belief that he possesses the authority to launch strikes even without congressional authorization, Rosen adds.

Obama should go ahead and try. It will give America a final, simple choice. Do we want a dictatorship by an imperial president? Do we want a king who can send us to war legally or not? Or do we want a constitutional Republic? Remember, most Americans don’t support Obama’s war.

This all makes sense, especially given how much power Obama continually consolidates for the office of the president, and especially given that Obama has already hinted at going to war with or without congress.