Did you hear about the cop shooting?

No, I’m not referring to the one in Ferguson, Missouri.  Of course you heard about that.  I’m referring to the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Ofc. Daryl Pierson of the Rochester, NY Police Department at approximately 9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 3.  Pierson, an Afghanistan vet and father of two, was the first RPD officer killed on the job since 1959.

You should be forgiven if you didn’t know about it.  After all, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the New York Times didn’t give the event 24-7 wall-to-wall saturation coverage.

Just like the shooting in Ferguson, there was a racial disparity between the cop and the suspect.  Unlike Ferguson, however, the decedent was white, and the perpetrator, allegedly one Thomas Johnson III, is black.  News reports indicate that the alleged shooter has an extensive criminal history in two states and was paroled for a second time (after violating the terms of his first parole) less than one month before the shooting.

There were no reports of angry RPD officers looting, rioting, or committing arson in black neighborhoods.  There were no reports of mobs of RPD officers standing in front of black citizens with their hands in the air shouting, “Police, don’t shoot!”  There are no known videos of Ofc. Pierson robbing material for blunts from a convenience store prior to his death.

The Department of Justice did not dispatch 40 FBI agents to Rochester to investigate the alleged shooter’s background.  Neither Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson has arrived in Rochester yet.  Attorney General Eric Holder has not personally flown into Rochester to meet the victim’s family and announce a Department of Justice investigation into the incident.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not come to Rochester to publicly demand a “vigorous prosecution” of the suspect.  New York State Police have not been dispatched to quell the nonexistent cop riots.  The New York State National Guard has not been called out to quell the nonexistent riots, either.

President Obama has yet to comment on the incident, but any day now he might hold a press conference and tell the White House Press corps that if he had a son, his son would look like Thomas Johnson.

And any day now, pigs will sprout wings and fly.

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