I don’t dream much, but when I do, it’s usually dramatic – and memorable. Did you ever have a dream so vivid, so stark, that it seemed real, even after you woke up?

That’s what happened to me last night. I had just finished reading Tom Fitton’s electrifying book “The Corruption Chronicles,” a factual, documented masterpiece. My dream was actually a nightmare, a horrifying, surreal vision of contemporary life in America that was so sickening and unbelievable that I woke up in a cold sweat. And the worst part is that I still, to this minute, can’t decide if it was a dream – or real!

I dreamed that a spell was cast over the whole United States, affecting almost all of its people, especially those of voting age.

A secretive cabal of Communist manipulators, trained in the malevolent disciplines and Machiavellian methods of Saul Alinsky, had taken an interest in a young black/white college student, originally schooled in Indonesia, who’d sought out Marxist professors (as he revealed later in his own autobiographical book) at Occidental College.

In this young Marxist they felt they had a potential candidate for high elective office, first at the state and then possibly on the national level. He had a good mind, was glib and articulate and, according to a fellow Marxist at Occidental, was surprisingly angry. He was ready to foment a total overthrow of what he called “the colonial oppressor of Third World countries”!

This cabal had lots of money, so they got the young man admitted to Columbia and then Harvard, where he somehow was maneuvered briefly into the president’s chair at the Harvard Law Review. He never wrote anything of record (except calling the Constitution “a flawed document”) or distinguished himself in any way, but it looked good on a future resume.

Then, in my dream, this young anti-American man had brief jobs as a “community organizer” in Chicago, utilizing the disruptive, divisive and deceptive tactics he’d learned from Alinsky, and then went in a blinding scramble from state senator in Illinois to the U.S. Senate for a couple of low-profile, near invisible years … and then, in an astonishing coup, was “elected” president of the United States!

I say “elected” because the electoral process was so corrupted by another Marxist organization named ACORN that the outcome would always be questioned.

Four years went by, he was re-elected, and systematically went about wrecking the constitutional structure of the nation, piling up trillions of unpayable debt on the hapless taxpayers, bamboozling and intimidating both houses of Congress, shredding American influence all over the world, appointing fellow Marxists, socialists and Muslim activists to 33 “czarships” (unconstitutional regulators answerable only to him and not to Congress), and in countless ways overturning and abandoning the rule of law in the country.

With the full compliance of a dazzled and fawning media, he brazenly did as he said he’d do: “fundamentally transform the United States of America”! Right before their eyes, most of the nation looked on, not sure what was happening, or why.

But then, in my dream, the spell suddenly fell away, and the impostor was exposed for what he was, a criminal usurper who had gained the highest office in the land through deceit and subterfuge. Belatedly, Congress and the media woke up and actually “vetted” the original candidate and demanded that he reveal his birth records, early travel and passport records – which in his first executive order as president he had sealed off, permanently. And after six years of catastrophic destruction to our country, they wanted to know what he was hiding.

When the Congress brought the interloper to trial, they presented not one, but many “smoking guns”, actual deeds that revealed beyond any dispute who this man really was and why he did what he did.

Just a few of those “smoking guns”:

  1. The absence of a valid birth certificate and the placing on the White House website of a Photoshopped fraud he claimed was a “copy” of the original, which didn’t exist.
  2. The unprecedented sealing off of all his early passport, travel and school records, which would undoubtedly reveal his foreign birth and passport.
  3. His Selective Service and Social Security numbers, which were revealed to have belonged to others, now deceased.
  4. He continually appointed to very important positions – without a word to Congress – known socialists, Islamists and radicals. He appointed a homosexual fan of pedophilia his “safe school czar”!
  5. He appointed an attorney general who authorized the “Fast and Furious” sale of hundreds of deadly weapons to Mexican drug traffic murderers, and together they created a policy of ignoring all laws pertaining to illegal aliens.
  6. His White House clique suborned and corrupted the IRS, quietly turning the tax collectors into data collectorsfocused on conservative groups and individuals. He also hired thousands more at the IRS to enforce his terribly unwanted “Affordable Care Act,” a blatant takeover of the whole health-care industry.
  7. Right on national television, he announced that if Congress wouldn’t “get together” and do his bidding, he “had a pen and a phone” and would enact his will without even consulting them!The Constitution and its “separate powers” be damned.This wasn’t new for him; he had used his “executive privilege” right from the start directing hundreds of millions to Planned Parenthood and ACORN, involving the U.S. in wars in Libya and Egypt, bypassing Congress as if they didn’t exist in his Imperial Presidency.
  8. And the lies. Richard Nixon was forced to resign for lying to the American people.Bill Clinton was impeached, not for a stain on a blue dress, but for lying to the American people.But this man, in my nightmare, took lying and deception and dissembling and every manner of fraud, even involving his wife and children in his posturing and usurpation of the White House, to an unprecedented, unimaginable level. Acting as commander in chief of a military he’d always despised, he vowed for six years to “fix” the Veterans Administration – while it decayed and corrupted under his nose, and many veterans died ignored and untended.
  9. And finally, in a supreme act of grandstanding decadence, he “rescued” a lone Army deserter while releasing – again, without even a nod to Congress whose approval was mandated by law – five Muslim Mansons from Guantanamo so they could resume their killing of innocent people, including American soldiers!

The evidence was incontrovertible, the jury was about to pronounce its verdict …

At this point, I woke up trembling, in a cold sweat, furious but weeping for my country. Surely it couldn’t be true; America could never let this happen! Our Congress would surely have acted long before an audacious charlatan could have literally taken over the government and bankrupted a nation, economically and morally! Surely they … surely the courts … surely the Constitution … surely the press … surely the millions of people on every level of American life would have risen up and … and … the smoking guns were everywhere, in plain sight, right out on the table. Any one of them would disqualify a man from the presidency! How many would it take?

How many?

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