Our founders were thinking ahead....

By: Thomas Madison
August 15, 2013

A brand new movement, that I hope takes the nation by storm, involves employing Article V of our Constitution. The simple genius of our founders and their outline for a limited central government, designed a check and balance system that we have been taught revolved around the three branches of our federal government, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, all checking and balancing one against the other to prevent corruption, malfeasance, and tyranny.

So, what happens when all three branches are so incompetent, complicit, and corrupt that the check and balance system is shot to hell and the citizens of the United States become subjects and victims to a monstrous, evil, and narcissistic central government that cares about them only as any parasite cares about its host?

Our founders were well ahead of us on this. Article V. A fourth check and balance device was included in our Constitution, specifically in Article V, permitting the collection of states to call for a Constitutional Convention, just like in our earliest days. Two thirds of the states must approve such a convention and ¾ of the states must ratify any changes that result therefrom, but I, and others, consider this a viable remedy to the ills that currently afflict us – runaway debt, an egregiously overbearing, overreaching, dishonest federal government, intent upon draining the populace for its own narcissistic pleasure and gain, wars that make little sense, rampant corruption at all levels, parasitic leaders in all three branches who have no clue of the constraints in our Constitution which were designed to prevent them from acting as king and willfully complicit Parliament.

Mark Levin, in his newest book, The Liberty Amendments, is a proponent of the states forming a coalition to call for a Constitutional Convention and forcing our government to operate on behalf of the American people instead of against them, as has been its recent history. This could really work, and would take the power out of the hands of the evil bastards in Washington and place it again in the hands of the people, as our founders intended. Link to Chapter One of The Liberty Amendments….