by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

I’m thinking the video is a little overpriced. Oregon spent 300 million dollars on a really cool website for their Obamacare healthcare exchange, which they have named Cover Oregon. Democrat legislators are considering changing the name to Cover Our Asses.

How many people have signed up, you ask? Nada. That’s right. None, niente, zip, zilch, ZEFUCKINRO! But, hey, they do have this uber-cool psychadelic video. That’s worth $300 million, right?

From our pals at Breitbart:

Rep. Jason Conger, the other Republican on the panel, says officials in charge including executive director Rocky King, who left his job in December, should have known better than to try to pull off a project of this scope without hiring an IT contractor to run it. “I think it reflects a certain amount of arrogance that it could be done in the timeframe, that it could be done at all,” Conger said.

But others on the panel tried to emphasize the positive. Democratic Rep. Mitch Greenlick suggested it was time to move forward saying ,“We’re trying to get things solved and I think trying to find out who is the bad guy is probably over.”

Yo, Mr. Greenlick (great name for an Oregon tree hugger, by the way), are you familiar with this HTML acronym….LMFAO! The crying shame (make that laughing shame) is that any pimply-faced teenager could have created this website in his parents’ basement for $50. Give him another $50 and he would probably already have several thousand people signed up.

Oregon, making blue states proud!