by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

Operation American Spring is active and moving in Washington. If you can, please get to Washington and participate. If you can’t, then please participate any way you can from wherever you are. Putting an “Impeach Obama” sign in your front yard is easy and cheap to do.

It is absolutely shameful that the media is not covering this event, including Fox News. I used to keep Fox News on my TV ALL the time. Not any more. I am boycotting Fox and all the major media. I am sick of their protection of, and complicity with, this administration and the scumbags in key positions in Congress. I called Fox twice this morning and relayed my disappointment in their lack of coverage of Operation American Spring. I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. The phone number for Fox is 888-369-4762. Press 3 to speed up the process. You will be prompted to leave a message at the tone.

For live coverage of Operation American Spring, you can get up-to-date information at the link below, The Mark Connors Show. You can speak to Mark live, on the air, by calling 760-747-8243. I had an interview with Mark a few days ago, and again today (May 20) with his co-host, Jim Akin, for the evening part of the show. For the past couple of days they have been on the air 12 to 16 hours a day, reporting on Operation American Spring. Of the several live feeds that were originally set up in Washington for Operation American Spring, Mark’s feed is the only one that has found its way to the world. I don’t want to point any fingers but it appears the others have been blocked. I KNOW our government would never do anything like try to restrict free speech (yeah, right).

God Bless all of the patriots supporting this effort.

Link to the Mark Connors Show….