Senator Dianne Feinstein came right out and publicly declared herself very upset over the Obama White House’s in-secret 5 for 1 Taliban prisoner exchange plot.  Many other Democrats are privately sharing their “Obama scandal fatigue” as well though, widening what was an already considerable schism between the rank and file Dems, and the White House.

From DW Ulsterman

The Bergdahl affair marks the umpteenth scandal to hit the Obama White House, and is proving to quite possibly be, the most damaging.  This is not something Democrats running for re-election wanted to have to face from increasingly angry constituents.

The New York Times described the situation with the following:

…Still, the level of discontent this week among Democrats seemed noticeably high and was fueled not only by recent events, but also by lingering fallout from last year’s health care furor and unease about the approaching election. House Republicans are also readying special hearings into the 2012 attacks on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, forcing Democrats to put up a defense of the administration in that incident.

With the Benghazi investigation ready to  launch in the coming weeks, (and I have been told there WILL be some fireworks unleashed during those hearings) and now a likely investigation into the Bergdahl scandal that had the Obama White House willing to trade five Taliban officers, some with links to Osama Bin Laden, for one U.S. soldier who appears to have purposely abandoned his platoon, 2014 could quite possibly surpass the anti-Democratic Party tsunami that was the 2010 Midterm Elections.

Let’s hope so, for all our sake…