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SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 BY  

 Mosque Badshahi  300x200 Obama Strategy: Muslim Brotherhood &  Al Queida to Rule the Middle East

Here we sit on the eve of another illegal attack on a middle eastern nation, Syria, by the Muslim/Communist plant, Barack Hussein Obama. What are his goals this time? When he ordered the bombing of Libya, his goal was to remove did that work out? Is Assad next? From what I am seeing, he his doing nothing more than using the United States military as paid mercenaries to bring about the full installation of the Muslim brotherhood and Al-Queida into positions of power in order to facilitate the emergence of a Muslim Califate.

Contrary to popular, media driven belief, Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. He has admitted it on many occasions. He has even stated in one of his books that if the political winds ever shifted in an ugly direction, he would stand with Muslims. It’s time to wake up to the truth before it is to late. We now have Secretary of State Kerry running around telling us that the Arabs, rich with American money will pay the bill for a U.S. incursion into Syria.

It was reported many months ago by the Canada Free Press that the U.S. government was infiltrated at the highest levels by the Muslim brotherhood.  There is now talk that Iran has been radicalizing Latin Americans to come across our open southern border in order to conduct terrorist activities here in America. Those that do not find this troubling on many levels may be part of the problem.

To put this all into perspective, the Obama regime is purposely destroying the American economy, putting our troops into harms way in his pursuit of illegal wars, and destroying the very fabric that has made America great for over 230 years, our constitution. Will we continue to sit idly by and watch the systematic destruction of our great nation or will you reach deep down inside your soul and find that intestinal fortitude that our Founding Fathers had and take a final stand for God and country? May God bless America and as always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.