Thanks to Obama, Israeli Americans are being literally taxed to death

By Doni Kandel, Communities Digital News


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel June 25, 2014 — Last week, three innocent Israeli boys were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on their way home from school. They have still not returned home.

While the people of the State of Israel have embraced all three kids as their own brothers and sons, the international media has been eager to point out that one of three, Naftali Frenkle, holds American citizenship as well.

At first glance, the distinction seems asinine, seemingly implying that a teenager’s citizenship determines whether or not he is worthy of being abducted. Upon further reflection however, Naftali Frenkel’s US citizenship and the Obama Administration’s insistence on continuing to fund the Palestinian Authority despite its unity agreement with Hamas exposes a fundamental flaw in the very essence of American citizenship.

According to a respected CPA who specializes in US taxes for Americans living in Israel, “Americans living in Israel are forced to report US taxes, often even paying tax, because it is assumed that being a US citizen brings along with it inherent benefits no matter where the citizen may be in the world.”

This means that the roughly 200,000 Americans living in Israel are forced to pay American taxes because it is assumed that their Red, White and Blue passport provides them with benefits not afforded to others.

However, after Barack Obama and John Kerry’s decision to continue to give money to the Palestinian Authority after they brought the murderous Hamas regime into their government American citizens in Israel are now, literally, being taxed to death. Their hard-earned tax dollars are being funneled to an organization whose charter calls for their annihilation.

When US State Department Spokeswoman Jen Pskai (who shamefully didn’t even bother herself to know Naftali Frenkle’s name) attempted to justify continuing support for the PA, she told the press, “with what we know now, we will work with this government,” but the US “will continue to evaluate the composition and policies of the new government and if needed we’ll modify our approach.”

On Monday, Hamas supreme leader Khaled Mashaal was quoted as saying, “”If indeed there was a capture, those who did it must be saluted.”

The United States has now had more than ten days to “evaluate” the reality that their new ‘peace partner’, Hamas, has kidnapped three innocent boys, including one of its own citizens, and has been endlessly celebrating it every since. No US modifications have been forthcoming.

It is hard to believe that Obama’s indifference to this abduction is due to anything but contempt for the Jewish State. If not, why did Bowe Bergdahl, a suspected traitor to his country, receive the full support of Barack Obama himself, while Naftali Frenkle has been entirely disregarded?

In any case, whether this is arrogance or something more malicious by the White House is truly irrelevant. Thanks to Obama’s irresponsible Middle Eastern polices, Naftali Frenkel’s parents are very possibly helping to pay the terrorists who have taken their son. If that is not THE definition of a country failing its people, what is?

The great Thomas Jefferson stated that, “to compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” If he believed that it was a sin to force people to pay for ideas they don’t support, what would he say about forcing them to fund their own destruction?!

As Barack Obama continues to destabilize the American economy, as well as the incredibly delicate equilibrium of the Arab States around the world, he is simultaneously sending a message to the citizens he has sworn to protect that if they live in a country who gets in the way of his pro-Islamic policies, he will not lift a finger to help.

There was a time when Americans in Israel thought carrying their passport on them would be a deterrent to potential terrorists looking to kidnap or harm them in any way. Sadly, as the President of the United States continues to show pathetic impotence in the face of rising Islamic radicalism, the American passport has become nothing more than a Jihadist bulls eye.

If President Obama has any intention of proving he cares for ALL American people, he will not only end all funding to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas but he must publicly call for the release of Naftali Frenkle as well. Anything short of that is not only impeachable but immoral as well.