Barack Has Cost The US Another Ally

obama fail4 Barack has cost the US another ally

The Egyptian Military has lost faith in the United States. The final straw was the Obama Administration’s overt support for the Muslim Brotherhood. This betrayal of a decades-long friendship has driven a wedge between the US and its principal, longtime ally in the Middle East. The Egyptians know they cannot count on Washington for military support, so they are looking towards Moscow. The Egyptian/Russian relationship is nothing new. During several skirmishes against Israel, the Egyptian military used weapons supplied by Russia to fight against the Jewish nation. In the 70’s Anwar Sadat ended Egypt’s relationship with Moscow and sided with America. Of course, he was later killed by Muslim Brotherhood gunmen, predating the raise of al-Qaeda.

Mohammed Morsi was installed as President of Egypt after the Arab Spring revolt of 2011. He was chosen to lead the nation in spite of the fact he actually lost an incredibly corrupt election.  In fact, it was the pro-Muslim White House resident and his female lackeys of Jarrett, Powers, and Hillary who put pressure on election officials to install Morsi. Once Morsi was placed in office, Obama demanded that the Egyptian Military and judiciary subordinate themselves to him and to the Muslim Brotherhood. But they would not submit to Barack. So now, in the eyes of most Egyptians, the military is their savior, both from a Muslim tyrant in Cairo and one in the White House.

Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt is the home of the Muslim Brotherhood. The people of Egypt have seen the true nature of the radical Islamic movement and rejected it. The leaders of the military sided with the people and removed the Muslim Brotherhood’s hand-picked dictator before he could consolidate power.  Obama, the White House Lady Macbeth Valerie Jarrett, and Cruella Deville Clinton actively supported the Brotherhood against the Egyptian people and military. The rejection of Washington’s choice has led to the current bloodbath. This is the second revolution in as many years and is likely to determine the future of the Arab nation.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the powers in Egypt no longer trust the United States.  Carter destroyed America’s relationship with Iran. Obama did the same with Egypt.

Strangely enough, both of these American presidents are vehemently anti-Israel. Of course, it could just be a coincidence.