Folks, Bowe Bergdahl is as Guilty as Barack Hussein Obama

A pattern of deceit is a pattern of deceit. Why are Conservatives and Republicans willing to let this regime, Muslims, Democrats and liberals hold us to a standard they bridle at, while they have no compunction of attacking at the slightest mention of their religion, an accused provocation or in the case of Democrats, when they are caught dead to rights betraying the people’s trust?

Tactics are tactics. Why do we tolerate feigned Muslim ire and indignation when they interpret the most innocent comment by any infidel as offensive? Honesty and tolerance disadvantage us when our adversaries count on our virtues to give them leverage over us, yet we refuse to accept the reality of our suspicions. When we are certain that attacking the innocent is a tactic intended to keep us on the defensive to win sympathy and undeserved compensation we refrain from direct confrontation. Why are we expected to give the benefit of doubt repeatedly to known serial liars when they demand that we ignore the obvious and accept their fabrications as verbatim?

I will not be held to that defeatist standard. If it walks like a Muslim and talks like a Muslim it is a Muslim. I associate the term Muslim with the terms terrorist and Jihadist for starters, because essentially all of the terror waged in the world today is Muslim sponsored and Muslim executed and Jihad is their exclusive mission. If you are a Muslim who honestly takes umbrage at my words spend your energy and time disassociating yourself from Jihadists, terrorists, murderers, liars and sodomites. Do not annoy me with your petty indignation when I am fighting for my God, my country and my life.

The Jury of Bergdahl’s peers, the men in his unit, has spoken with one voice; he deserted. Bergdahl’s actions leave no room for speculation. The enemy grew bolder and more successful after he defected. Good men died and more died because we gave him the benefit of the doubt and set out to rescue a fellow soldier. All the evidence of his captivity indicates that he was a prisoner held with no bonds that played, practiced and prayed with the enemy. This linguistic genius and his father picked up Arabic in their travels, as did our esteemed mole in the White House. I haven’t heard Bowe’s mother speak but in Islamic culture she is better served if she defers to the master. Bergdahl’s release was supposed to ameliorate Barack’s deadly popularity tailspin but the stench of freeing five Taliban leaders and possibly a ransom to boot for one traitor was too much to simply say “oh well” over. The celebration turned to defense mode and now we are being barraged with lies and side stories until they hit upon one that has legs.

Bergdahl was fading fast and the swift action only Barack and his cabal could muster saved the day. Even the loyal press couldn’t swallow it whole. Barack called the GI’s Bergdahl betrayed liars; that didn’t fly. Rice was called out of the bullpen to do what she doesn’t do best…lie for the cause; another lead balloon. Willingness does not make for credibility.

Bergdahl was stashed in a hospital in Germany; not the closest but it must be where Barack’s spin team could keep the lid on until they think of a good excuse for betraying the nation, putting a price on the head of every American in harm’s way, providing the enemy with the best press they ever had, giving them back the leadership they lacked for five years and worst of all getting caught.

Ten days after the infamous swap and finally they floated a couple of trial balloons…We forgot to tell you that Bergdahl tried to escape like any hero would and was tortured for his trouble; they put a pebble under his prayer rug. He’s a true American hero! Barack will leave no man behind! Another American hero! By the way, Bergdahl thinks it best if he gives old mom and pop the silent treatment until he gets his story straight and that can’t happen until Barack decides what really happened or can do something even more egregious to change the subject.

Where is my America that would have seen a massive turnout of hands upraised to serve on a firing squad when justice is meted out?

To be honest, there is one scenario that will give Bergdahl an infinitesimal dose of good old American sympathy. He was following his leader. Bowe is only guilty of following orders.

Barack stands by his decision. I stand by my solution.

Ready, aim, fire! Reload. Ready, aim, fire! Justice is served.

Remove Barack’s guns not mine. His will end his need to fabricate the reason for his existence; mine will end the discussion.