From Randolph Rifleman’s Union

As tensions grow across these United States as out of control governments move to regulate, register and out right disarm the law abiding populace, the Patriots are resisting.
Today in Saratoga Springs, NY nearly 1,000 gun registration forms were burned in a unified act of defiance against the state’s draconian gun laws.
New York gun owners in possession of semi-automatic weapons that the NY legislature had deemed “assault weapons” were given a deadline to register said weapons with the state police under the SAFE Act.
The act of civil disobedience was organized by the NY2A Grassroots Coalition, a firearms advocacy group based in the Empire State. The organizers hope that so many people will refuse to register their weapons, that the entire program will collapse under the weight of its own impotency.
Jake Palmateer who is co-founder of the NY2A group stated that he believed that less than 3,000 now-banned and regulated weapons have been registered with the NY State Police since the SAFE Act went into effect. That is a mere fraction of the several hundred thousand semi-autos that are estimated to exist in New York currently, although the true number may actually be exponentially greater.
Make no mistake, this is just the beginning of the resistance. As New York Staters take a page from the Connecticut Patriots and downright refuse to abide by unconstitutional laws, the Tyrants in power will look for other options to disarm the people. We must stay vigilant, we must hold the officials accountable for their actions. Do not capitulate, do not compromise. Do not register, do not surrender your weapons. Regardless of what they would like for you to believe, we are in fact winning the war.