Mind-blowing!!!! Just when I think I have the world figured out, I find this sane anomaly on MSNBC, a network with 17 viewers, all so far left that Karl Marx worships THEM. Enter Joe Scarborough, a former Florida Republican congressman who appears to be the one that Fox let get away. On purpose I don’t watch MSNBC. I have that channel blocked on my remote, lest I accidentally wind up there and see Rachel Maddow, requiring an immediate Clorox eyeball irrigation. With not one, but two American flags flying proudly over his shoulder, just to piss off MSNBC’s 17 Bolshevist viewers, “Say-it-ain’t-so” Joe regularly rips his commie guests a new exhaust port. So, are the MSNBC hiring authorities schizophrenic, or is Joe just a straight man for the MSNBC Marxist du jour? I don’t know, but it’s refreshing. At my age, to realize that I do not, in fact, have the whole world figured out is a motivator to go on another day, to see what other surprises there are. Enjoy a couple clips of Joe Scarborough, a fish out of water if I’ve ever saw one…..