From savingtherepublic.com

The Great One outlines a number of stories showing the ever-growing abuse of power by Eric Holder’s DOJ, the IRS targeting conservatives and the NSA violating Americans privacy are definitive “elements of a police state”. Levin associated this with his statement of obama being engaged in a silent coup against the country.

Folks if you are sitting around waiting for some shock and awe moment to finally get off your asses I got news for you it’s not going to happen. Progressives are too smart to do some knee jerk action that will grab everyone’s attention to their power grab. They are quietly taking power as this nation remains asleep! We have an imperial president who acts above the law as our impotent Congress is more concerned about chiseling out their little kingdoms on the backs of their constituents! His majesty is rooting out anyone in the military who will cause problems for him and his agenda whether it gets implemented now while he is still potus or for anyone in the future that he is laying the groundwork for that seizes power through hope and change lies and deceit.

Where are the marches? Where are the acts of civil disobedience? The Egyptians “got it“, some in the EU “get it” and so did the Iranian people until they were crushed because they got no support. Why is it that the people blessed with the Declaration of Independence & US Constitution which empowers them to take back the country remain silent? Why haven’t state capitals and DC been brought to a standstill from the amount of people flooding the streets? Where are the recall elections to remove these tyrants from power?

Folks are going to wake up one day and ask “what the hell happened why didn’t anyone say anything!?” We did. You were just too damn busy to do anything about it!