Corsi: Obama Behind Al Qaeda Attacks in Kenya

From Free Patriot
Posted by: September 30, 2013


In a recent interview, Jerome Corsi provided the link to Barack Obama and the Al Qaeda attacks in Kenya.Raila Oginga Odinga , the cousin of Barack Obama, ran for President of Kenya in 2007. Odinga had made a deal with radical Islamic forces to re-write Kenya’s constitution to allow Sharia Law. Kenya is primarily a Christian country.

Atlas Shruggs notes of that time that Odinga had signed a secret memorandum of understanding with Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the National Leaders Forum, in which Odinga had allegedly stated his intention, if elected, to

‘within six months, rewrite the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Sharia as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions’.

When Odinga lost the election, the Luo tribe went on a rampage against the other tribes. He was advised how to do it by Obama. Then Obama and the United Nations stepped into Kenya and set up Odinga to serve as prime minister.  This gave Odinga the opportunity to engineer a new constitution to favor Islam, which includes the “right” to live under Sharia. Corsi contends this happened with U.S. foreign aid money.

Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama was running money for Egypt and other northern countries. Since the revolt in Egypt, Corsi contends documents show that Malik Obama was involved in extensive money laundering operations to support terrorism in the Sudan.  Kenya also has a warrant for the arrest of Maliki Obama for working with terrorists in Kenya through Sudan.

In the interim, large Muslim populations have been gathering in Somalia and Sudan, surrounding Kenya. Corsi’s contends that large Obama Odinga invited radical Muslims were invited into Kenya, some recruited in the United States. The terror attack in Kenya was a result of Obama and Odinga’s promotion of Al Qaeda and Sharia in Kenya.  Hostages in the terror attack were asked various facts to see if they were followers of Islam. If they could not answer, they were killed.

More is expected to occur.

Corsi also asserts that Saudi Arabia, via petrodollars, so that they can control the price of oil globally. Corsi says that Obama has been operating with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia which funds the efforts of Al Qaeda. Corsi argues Barack Obama and Odinga began a global move to lower the bridge through the world to help arm jihadists. Corsi contends Ambassador Stevens was running guns to Qaddafi’s people, and now against Assad in Syria to extend Al Qaeda’s power powered by Saudi Arabia’s petro dollars.

Corsi also argues that John Brennan sanitized Obama’s passport and has been a promoter of the Saudis. John Kerry is out there promoting further efforts aimed at promoting war in Syria as a prelude to a war with Iran and promote Al Qaeda.

The bottom line is that Corsi believes that the goal is to turn over control to Al Qaeda and global Sharia.