Al Qaeda To Take Syrian Chemical Weapons For Attack Against U.S.

Posted by: September 15, 2013 

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Madeline Albright, former secretary of state under Bill Clinton, said on CBS’s Face the Nation this past Sunday that she doesn’t trust Putin. That’s quite reassuring, as it would be foolishness to simply trust any foreign leader, especially one that is often at odds with American positions.

The implication, though, that she does trust Hussein Obama is more unsettling than a trust of Putin would be. At least Putin seems to have a concept of what is going on in the world. Our inept “leadership” is still getting their on the job training and they just don’t seem capable of learning. This must be what it’s like to try to teach old dogs new tricks. Our mutts just don’t get it.

They ally themselves with our enemy, Al Qaeda, and provide aid and comfort in the form of military armaments and supplies. Last time I checked those were treasonous acts, but never mind, Barry is a rock star, so it’s okay.

Albright also said that she thinks Putin sees the risk of the “extremists getting control” of chemical weapons.” Now there she goes stating the obvious, but at least she is talking about it. If we are arming the extremists and helping them to fight their enemy, and that enemy presently has control over the chemical weapons, doesn’t it naturally follow that once Al Qaeda is victorious, they will take control of those weapons along with the rest of the spoils of war? Of course, once they get their hands on the chemical weapons, the likelihood of them being used against Americans is very high. So we are in essence facilitating terror attacks against us.Not very smart, but that’s how Barry and crew roll.

Madeline is impressed that Putin sees this? Well, Maddy, maybe it is because he has his eyes open and he isn’t a complete idiot. Do you think they will just vanish into thin air? I mean without being released into the air again by one of the players in this lose/lose conflict we are supposedly trying to get a handle on.

She also said that we “have to work with him.” I don’t know about her, but I for one am quite pleased that there is somebody standing up to the stumble bums in DC and demanding a little scrutiny of their reckless imperialism.

Since no one within our own government seems to care enough or be genetically endowed with the genitalia to man up and stand up, I’m damn thankful that old Vladimir came to the rescue.

He may not be our man, but at least Putin is a man.