I reported a few days ago the Council on American-Islamic Relations changing its name (for law-dodging reasons) to the Washington Trust Fund. That’s right, WTF!

Among the reasons for their identity change is their close relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, they are nothing more than a facade, a store front for the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington. WTF has a great deal of influence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

On the very day of the Navy Yard massacre Obama quietly waived existing law, allowing him to arm terrorists, including Al Qaeda. So, now he legally and openly arms the very terrorists we have been fighting for over a decade. Gone are the old days when our President had to act in a clandestine manner, illegally arming terrorists, as he did a year ago, which led to the death of the Benghazi Four. He now does it openly.

I appreciate Mr. Gohmert’s patriotism. Likewise, Ms. Bachmann. The heat is ratcheting up. There are multiple impeachable offenses by our President and more than sufficient evidence to impeach. When, Congress? When?!