New DHS Nominee Supports Obama’s Dreams of Dictatorship

From Free Patriot
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This past week we learned about Obama’s nomination to fill the vacancy of DHS chief once Janet leaves to corrupt the minds of younger generations in theCalifornia education system. The man targeted for this position by Herr Obama himself, is none other than Jeh C. Johnson, a man whose greatest claim to fame is telling Obama he is constitutionally authorized to launch drone strikes abroad without the approval of Congress, or any international governing bodies. He is the new death dealer Obama has always wanted; the Himmler he needs to complete the conversion from free country to one of dictatorship.

“Johnson assisted in the propaganda war during the release of classified documents known as the Afghan War Diary.

In 2011, Johnson attempted to distort the memory of civil rights activist, Martin Luther King (MLK) by suggesting in a speech that MLK would have supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Johnson told the audience that the Afghan and Iraq wars were instances of the US being a global Good Samaritan.

Later that year, Johnson spoke at a conference at the Heritage Foundation (HF), stating the challenges of creating a “civilian law enforcement in this country.”

In 2012, Johnson defended the use of targeted killings while speaking to students at Yale Law School.

Johnson also said: “There is risk in permitting and expecting the U.S. military to extend its powerful reach into areas traditionally reserved for civilian law enforcement in this country. The military should not and cannot be the only answer.”

The writing is on the wall folks. If this individual is approved for this appointment, we will have a leader and a top “team player,” who both harbor a strong desire to establish a national civilian militarized lawenforcement agency, and a DHS agency already primed for transformation into such a civilian fighting force. This nomination and appointment will drag us one step closer to complete and total tyranny. The DHS already has drones. The President has already sought Congressional approval and constitutional authorization to use those drones against Americans on our own soil.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture here yet? Or will it take drones dropping bombs on your front doorstep to blow the blinders back far enough for you to come to grips with the direction our country is headed?