Obama Lies About 7.1 Million Obamacare Sign-Ups – Study Shows Only 858,000 Newly Insured Americans Have Paid

APRIL 2, 2014 12:30 PM0 COMMENTSVIEWS: 5452

Obamacare sign up numbers are LIES!

Obamacare is the biggest scam of government control and propaganda in our lifetimes. When all the real data come to light, it will make Bernie Madoff look like a saint.

How convenient it is that the deadline for Obamacare sign-ups came and went and onApril Fools Day, Barack Hussein Obama, in all his adolescent immaturity, gets to boast before the world that The Affordable Care Act reached just over the precise goal of signing up 7 million new comrades? Obama and his regime must take most Americans for abject fools if they think that line is believable.

Exactly where are the numbers? And why did this criminal administration announce just 3 days before the deadline that the numbers would come in at 6 million sign-ups? The liberal media has bought this lie, hook, line and sinker and has run with it like military troops receiving orders from their commanding officer.

Again, where are the numbers? Where is a fact sheet handed out by Obama with real statistics as he took his victory lap in a press conference on April 1 making the announcement, but not taking a single question from reporters? And how many of the supposed 7.1 million sign-ups are new? And how many are healthy, young people who will be paying into the system, but not using it for 30 years thus being the foundation to fund this monstrosity?

In reality, a comprehensive study by the RAND Corporation shows there are only 858,000 Americans that have actually made a payment into the system. That does not make for a solvent healthcare program.

While the Obama propaganda machine is declaring a success and saying millions have signed-up and have been helped by Obamacare, they have conveniently hidden all the raw data that would actually be able to prove that preposterous claim.

Read more below from the UK Daily Mail:

A triumphant President Barack Obama declared Tuesday his signature medical insurance overhaul a success, saying it has made America’s health care system ‘a lot better’ in a Rose Garden press conference.

But buried in the 7.1 million enrollments he announced in a heavily staged appearance is a more unsettling reality.

Numbers from a RAND Corporation study that has been kept under wraps suggest that barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans – nowhere near 7.1 million – have paid for new policies and joined the ranks of the insured by Monday night.

Others were already insured, including millions who lost coverage when their existing policies were suddenly cancelled because they didn’t meet Obamacare’s strict minimum requirements.

Still, he claimed that ‘millions of people who have health insurance would not have it’ without his insurance law.’

‘The goal we’ve set for ourselves – that no American should go without the health care they need … is achievable,’ Obama declared.

The president took no questions from reporters, but celebrated the end of a rocky six-month open-enrollment period by taking pot shots at Republicans who have opposed the law from the beginning as a government-run seizure of one-seventh of the U.S. economy.

‘The debate over repealing this law is over,’ he insisted. ‘The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.’