Can Obamacare Be Repealed? History Says Yes!!

OCTOBER 5, 2013 BY 
Cruz Model Shooting Obamacare SC Can Obamacare Be Repealed? History Says Yes!!

A Democrat-led Congress did this before. They had forced elderly Americans into the “Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act” (MCCA); and almost immediately, it became obvious that they had made a big mistake. In June of 1988, both Parties patted themselves on the back and bragged that they had solved the problem of how to pay for nursing home care. They were very wrong in this boast.

Nevertheless, Democrats don’t miss any opportunity to socialize America; and this crisis was no different. They jumped on the bill as a chance to push for what became Hillarycare just a few years later.

Of course, the MCCA came with a tax; and true to the way government does things,  it turned out that what America’s seniors could get from private insurance coverage for $62.00 a month, they had to pay Washington $145.00 a month to get.  Washington was soon papered over in a deluge of angry handwritten letters – the email of the day.

The revolt was led by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM), ironically chaired by James Roosevelt, the son of our most socialist president until Barack Obama.  Just as is the case today, without regard to the truth, the group was attacked in the media as “publishing misinformation” to “scare the elderly.”

Soon, the retirement enclaves in the South and the West were mobilizing and joining the fight. They resented the extra tax they had to pay for something many of them knew they didn’t need.

As the pressure to do the “impossible” and repeal an existing “benefit” from our benevolent federal government grew, the Republicans started to speak out about cutting Washington’s losses. Dave Durenberger, a Republican from Minnesota, said the elderly were revolting against “too much, all at once, and we decided we were going to charge them for it…”

Does this sound familiar?

Just 18 months later, by votes of 360/ 66 in the House and 99/0 in the Senate, the MCCA was repealed.

Can Obamacare be repealed? History says yes. The last time a Democrat Congress did something like this, it helped set the stage for a GOP takeover of the House in 1994.