The Day That I Dread Is Coming…

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OCTOBER 10, 2013 BY  

Obama Feeds America SC The Day that I Dread is Coming...

As we have all seen and been reminded of by many, Mr. Obama surrounds himself with Marxists, Muslims, sycophants, and criminals (lawbreakers in the real definition).

But there is coming a day where Bathhouse Barry will realize (to his horror) that he has been a “useful idiot” to those who surround him and a mere “puppet” to those who write the words that he reads on his ever present teleprompter. (Have you heard him speak without it? Yikes- his intelligence seeps away in a hurry!)

In that day of awakening and the spine that might be stiffened as a result, we will be introduced to the nightmare of the character of Obama, the vicious, spiteful, cruel, and heartless twisted individual that he really is.

If his ego is crushed the moment he realizes what a fool he has been played for and then rebounds as he takes full control and sweeps aside those who have been his advisors, we are in real trouble as a nation. By pulling the strings they have attached to the hollow man and maneuvering him in the directions they have planned for him, there has been some purpose in mind, an overarching and clear direction. But that would end with a bang, and the monster would be revealed, if Mr. Obama decides to be his own man and defines his own path.

Take, for instance, the closure of the symbols of the greatness and exceptionalism of America and the monuments that celebrate it. The slamming of the door in the face of those who bought the freedoms that our symbols celebrate and feature for all to see is the beginning of what I believe to be the independent decisions of an Obama set free from the constraints that have up until this time held him in check. The withholding of checks from the folks who have earned them, and the clear exceptions made for those whose only redeeming quality in the mind of the President is that they vote for him, is glaring. The open access to the illegal immigrants and the unions who back the President over the closed access to those who fought for the nation, and earned the honor of having monuments erected in their name, is clear cruelty on the part of the man now fully pulling the strings.

We have entered a new era where the resolve of the people must be for supporting the roots of the nation and standing firm against the tyranny that is blossoming, courtesy of the demon of ego that is now awakened and without constraint in the leader of this “free” people.

God help us to stand up.