Black Mob Violence Sweeping U.S.- New “Knockout Game” Targets Lone Whites In Gang Attacks, Beatings and Deaths

From Free Patriot
Posted by: September 28, 2013

192 mob

There’s a new game sweeping the nation, being played out in primarily big cities from coast to coast. While it hasn’t yet reached the level of being called a national pastime, for certain individuals and groups, it’ better than basketball.

It’s a team sport of sorts, as the rulebook is pretty limited and the strength in numbers enables one team (the black team) to dictate the rules to the other, involuntary, participant(the white team). The white team is generally comprised of a single white individual, usually travelling alone at night, in a secluded area, away from onlookers. If possible for the black team selection committee, the white team member will be of a group, such as yuppies or gays or others who will not defend themselves.

Of course sports teams must have team colors. In the knockout game, these are not uniforms but the actual skin colors of the participants. The larger team is always the black team, the smaller individual or two man team is always white or Asian.

Aside from those basic rules, anything else goes. The game continues for as long as the black team says it does.

The game starts when a group of approximately ten blacks spots their opponent. The group then moves in together and dispatches two or three “point men.” The point men engage the opponent by distracting and then sucker punching him or them.  The best score is a first swing knockout, ending the game at that point. Barring a first swing knockout, the game continues with the white team being beaten by black team members for their desired length of time. The allotted time is determined by those giving the beating. Once a winner has been declared, the black team moves on victorious, often to find another suitable opponent for the next match.

What is the compensation for those playing the knockout game, you might ask?

Well, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you got one in for Trayvon. Since there is no trophy and there is no Trayvon Martin Accelerated Thuggery Grant, participants have to be satisfied with the knowledge that they made a real world difference in someone’s life, hood rat style.

It’s not uncommon for the opponent to die or suffer life changing injuries. The rationale is often that they deserve it for being stupid enough to be walking in the wrong place at the wrong time, or for being white.

Of course, there is always the wildcard factor. Sometimes the badly outnumbered opponent fights back. It has happened that they defeat their attackers. Sometimes the aggressor ends up critically injured or dead. That’s what makes the knockout game such a huge hit! There’s that ever so slight element of risk. Maybe Chuck Norris is walking home alone.

It’s time for the mainstream media to acknowledge what is going on. Time, yes, but there is no motivation for them to do so. The attitude of media is that white people deserve what they get.

Maybe someday there will be the white equivalent of Al Sharpton to raise Hell on behalf of white people everywhere, to misrepresent whites and demand political concessions.  Let’s hope not. That thought is more repulsive than getting the daylights beaten out of you.