Why the hell isn’t Congress listening and acting? I’ll tell you why! Because talk is cheap. Congress is hearing all the talk. They will not react until they look out their comfy Capitol office windows and witness a sea of pissed-off patriots marching on Washington. I’m sure the Republicans will use the excuse that impeachment is no good without a majority in the Senate. BULLSHIT! A sea of pissed-off patriots will convince enough brain-dead Democrats to do the right thing, lest they get kicked off the gravy train.

Obama is going to continue his work to destroy America. I’m sure even he, by now, is wondering how the hell he can still be in office after all he has done.

We desperately need that sea of pissed-off patriots. PLEASE, if you live within a few hours of Washington, get there. The nucleus is already there. Operation American Spring has been in DC since May 16, and are vowing to stay until King Hussein and six other treasonous scumbags are gone. Join them! Even if you can only go for a daytrip or a weekend, please get there. It makes all the difference in the world. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.