John McCain said Obama should illegally bomb Syria without congress because his “credibility” is on the line. Pretending for a moment that Obama actually has some credibility left, McCain is proving that he has apparently lost his mind.

Still, McCain doubled down on his views, even stating that he didn’t think Republicans were “crazy” enough to impeach Obama over an illegal, unconstitutional war. Yes, he called people who want to impeach Obama “crazy”.

It’s time for McCain to go away. His nonsense gets worse by the day. He’s anti-gun, anti-Tea Party, pro-Obama, and supports a hideous foreign policy that props up Islamic radicals in Syria and elsewhere.

Here’s how The Hill reported the story:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) argued Wednesday that President Obama should consider bombing Syria without congressional approval, because the credibility of the White House is now on the line…
The senior Republican acknowledged the decision would be a difficult one, but he said he did not think members of his own party would try to remove President Obama from office if he acted in the vital national interest.
“They’re not going to impeach the president. They’re not that crazy,” he told reporters after the event.

McCain isn’t alone. His friend and fellow RINO Lindsey Graham also thinks Obama should move without congress.

From Real Clear Politics:

GLORIA BORGER: OK. But you say he’s backed himself into a corner. So does he even have to go to Congress?

LINDSEY GRAHAM: You know, there’s probably a reason 225 times presidents didn’t come to Congress. I don’t know if I’d come to talk with us. Quite frankly. The president has mismanaged this from day one about what we’re trying to do, the goals we’re trying to achieve. I think he made an unbelievably compelling case that we need to act here and compare that to the unbelievably small response we’re going to give.

So at the end of the day, if I were the president I would act after this speech if diplomacy fell apart and I wouldn’t come back to Congress.

In other words, they support Obama have the unconstitutional power to commit international war crimes to prop up Islamic radicals. It’s probably impossible to be more wrong about foreign policy than this. Shameful.