By Thomas Madison

For the second time in a few months John McCain was told, in no uncertain terms, what his constituents think of his support of the Syrian rebels, many of which are members of the most brutal terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda.

In another town hall meeting a few months ago a former Marine accused McCain of treason, to his face, telling him that if he (the Marine) were in a position of such authority he would have McCain, as well as all the other beltway parasites who voted to support the Syrian rebels, “arrested and tried for treason,” citing the federal code for treason. Link to that video….

McCain also announced recently that he will seek a sixth term in the US Senate. He has served (yeah, right!) in the Senate since 1987. There are petitions in Arizona to recall both Senators McCain and Flake. Should those not succeed, there will likely be stiff challenges for both Senators in the state Republican primaries.

The issue is Arizona’s semi-closed primary system, which allows any unaffiliated voter (not “registered” to another party) to vote in the primary. Is there any doubt that McCain will receive a significant number of unaffiliated liberal votes in an attempt to keep him in Washington, where RINOs have aided the Democrat majority in ruling the Senate?

From Wikipedia:
“Semi-closed. As in closed primaries, registered party members can vote only in their own party’s primary. Semi-closed systems, however, allow unaffiliated voters to participate as well. Depending on the state, independents either make their choice of party primary privately, inside the voting booth, or publicly, by registering with any party on Election Day. Fifteen states — Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming — have semi-closed primaries that allow voters to register or change party preference on election day.”

Would John McCain stoop to such a tactic of encouraging liberals and independents to vote in the Republican primary? Is he dumb enough to host town hall meetings, knowing he is going to get slammed by his constituents?

Yes and yes.