Benghazi Coverup…Pennsylvania Ave Never Sleeps

Posted by: September 17, 2013 


Read my lips.  No new witnesses.

Just a week after CIA Director Brennan claimed he would allow Benghazi witnesses to testify to congress,  it has been discovered that one employee, who refused to sign a non disclosure pact was suspended.  Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.), made the announcement on Monday, that a case of a CIA employee, who refused to sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA), was being suspended for it.

Secretary of State, John Kerry, told congress just 6 days ag, that he refuses to produce any of the Benghazi witnesses to testify before congress, according to Sharyl Atkisson of CBS news.  Outwardly, that would seem to put him at loggerheads with the CIA director.

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Mike Rogers, received a letter from CIA Director Brennan, in which Brennan denied that any CIA employee was asked to sign a NDA or had to take polygraph tests on whether they had talked to the press.

“To the best of my knowledge after inquiry, I am unaware of any officer who has been threatened with reprisals,  Nor would I tolerate such behavior. To retaliate or threaten retaliation would be a violation of law.”

During a panel hosted by Judicial Watch, Rep Wolf told the panel:

“My office received a call from a man saying that he knew a CIA employee who has retained legal counsel because he has refused to sign an additional NDA regarding the Sept. 11, 2012, events in Benghazi.”


“I called the law firm and spoke with CIA employee’s attorney who confirmed that her client is having an issue with the agency and the firm is trying to address it.  Based on my past experiences with the CIA, which is headquartered in my congressional district, I am not at all confident that these efforts will be successful.”

If Brennan were to make witnesses available, the NDA would stand and the witnesses would not testify fully for fear of reprisals.  Information provided by various administration sources, seems to be contradictory.