My message to the Palestinian people

From Thomas Madison

What the hell is the matter with you people? Are you insane?! You have elected a terrorist organization as your legitimate leadership, which in turn uses YOU as human shields, gaining international sympathy when YOU and your children are killed or maimed, all because YOU have put said cockroaches into said positions of authority and leadership.

Hamas is all too happy to sacrifice the lives of those who elected them. That would be YOU! And yet the people who elected them (YOU) support Hamas’ ceaseless rocket attacks against Israel and apparently go blindly and gladly, as instructed by Hamas, to those buildings targeted by Israel for destruction. And when the certain death and destruction comes you wail and moan with Hamas over the evil Israelis who bombed you.

If you are insane enough to place your children in the middle of a known Israeli bullseye, and your children are killed, you have absolutely no right to wail and moan. You are STUPID, and your kids paid the price for your stupidity.

With all of the millions and billions of foreign aid dollars that have been gifted to the Palestinian people that could have built beautiful schools and parks and hospitals and commercial districts, and provided loans to Palestinian entrepreneurs to build businesses and modern, comfortable housing, you have instead allowed Hamas to use that treasure to pay their murderous thugs, build rockets, buy weapons, and build tunnels to kill innocent Israelis.

Are you also blind, in addition to being stupid and insane? Israel is a powerful nation. You sending rockets into Israel is like shooting a 1,000-pound Grizzly bear with a BB gun. You are just pissing him off. Speaking of BB, no way he is backing off. If you and Hamas continue your stupidity he will finish you. He is giving you as much latitude as he can to allow you to survive. Thank him! Cease your stupidity and insanity.

Even Middle East Arab power Saudi Arabia has now declared that it is time to recognize Israel as a legitimate state.

You can achieve suicide much more quickly and painlessly than making yourselves the human shields of Hamas and their demonic intentions, whatever the hell they are. As far as I can tell their only goal is the destruction of Israel (see Grizzly/BB gun analogy).

Even after all you have been through and are destined to yet suffer at the hands of Hamas, who YOU put into power, 89% of you are still in love with the idea of Hamas raining rockets on Israel, most of which Israel intercepts in flight.

Stop being stupid! Throw Hamas out!

Thomas Madison

July 18, 2014


By Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

Nearly 89 percent of Palestinians support Hamas and other terrorists firing rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilians, according to a new poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO).

As Israelis wait to see if yet anotherceasefire agreement with Hamas will hold, the poll shows broad support among Palestinians for Hamas’ most recent rocket assault on the Jewish state, which has been hit by more than 4,000 missiles in the past month.

The poll of 1,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip found that 88.9 percent of those surveyed supported “the firing of rockets from Gaza at Israel,” according to the findings.

This is a significant increase since January, when the PCPO found that just 49.1 percent supported such actions.

“The deterrence of the Palestinian Resistance has increased in the wake up of the Israeli military operation ‘Protective Edge,’” the PCPO concluded in a statement.

When asked by a pollster, “Would you please tell us your opinion about the issue of firing rockets at Israel,” just over 60 percent of Palestinians polled responded that they “strongly support that.” Another 28.6 percent stated, “I support that,” while just 1 percent said, “I oppose that,” according to the poll.

While a majority of Palestinians surveyed supported rocket attacks on Israel, just 15.9 percent said that it was “the most successful act of the Palestinian Resistance in retaliation for the recent Israeli aggression,” the poll found.

Another 23.3 percent said that “infiltrating through the enemy lines” was most effective, while 19.8 responded that “the underground border-crossing tunnels” dug by Hamas are the best way to attack Israelis, according to the poll