by Dom The Conservative, Universal Free Press

With over one million Christians fleeing Syria for their lives, and the last of 2000 years of Christians being exiled from Mosul, Iraq, the world cannot easily ignore the persecution Islam has exacted in the Middle East. The Obama Administration, along with most of the mainstream media, has purposefully turned a blind eye to favor and appease the Muslim culture.

Fearing for their lives, Christians have fled Islamic forces, and have a message for the U.S., along with the rest of the world.

A young Assyrian Christian woman in Syria begged for their story to be told:

“Please, the world needs to know: We are captives, we don’t have water or electricity here in Aleppo but it is nothing compared to the fear we have toward the Islamists. Why is no one doing anything to save us?”

Although masses have already left several Muslim countries, some Christians could not leave, and were forced to face Islamic militants. A man who lost his leg in a bombing a few days before the deadline in Mosul was forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

Another father who had fled to Sweden is pleading for action, fearing for his wife and three children who could not leave:

“It’s happening right in front of their eyes and no one is lifting a finger to stop it. Please be our voice, we beg you — make them do something to save us from being slaughtered,” he begged.

It’s unknown why the man left his family behind, but he may have fled if his presence endangered his family at the time.

Nuri Kino, a refugee himself, took these calls from persecuted Christians, and is calling for people to wake up:

Right now in Syria and Iraq, girls are being kidnapped, raped and killed. Young men have been beheaded in front of cameras because of their faith. For a decade now I have been watching these gruesome video clips that find their way to me. This is the kind of footage that will never leave you. Nor will the desperate voices of the victims.

One of them was 26-year-old Ninar Odisho. Ninar was brutally murdered by the terrorists. The reason he was killed could be found on his body. The Jihadists had burned a cross into his face. Every day I get reports of atrocities. Our nation, our Christian legacy and our way of life are being eradicated. Assassinated.

So I must continue speaking out for Mary, a young woman in her mid-20s, who was dragged out of her house in Southeast Syria for being an Assyrian activist. She was pushed to the ground in the middle of the street and shot in the head. Then the terrorists shouted that they would murder the entire family of anyone attempting to touch the corpse. The same night dogs started to eat her body.

And I will continue talking about the Assyrian and Armenian girls who are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam and marry Jihadists, as one Iraqi and Syrian city after another is being emptied of Christians.

At least 700, 000 non-Muslims — Christians, Mandeans, Yezidis and others — have left Iraq by now. No one knows how many have left Syria.

On June 19 of this year, a young Assyrian who was forcibly deported from Sweden back to Iraq called me from a basement in Mosul. He was whispering. He told me to listen to the surrounding noise: men screaming “Taqbir!” and “Allah u Akbar!” It was ISIS invading his city.

The next morning I went on Facebook and Twitter and asked my friends for help. I started a worldwide campaign. It is called A Demand For Action. We have sent e-mails to politicians, NGOs and media outlets all over the world. We will not stop making the voices of the victims in Iraq and Syria heard until they receive a permanent solution.

Last week, yet another village in Iraq was attacked by IS. The Christians of the Middle East have faced many massacres over the past century. We are now facing the prospect of a new genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria.

And here’s a good question: Why is the most powerful country in the world silent as Christianity is wrenched of its roots?

Willful silence is the consent to allow these atrocities to continue. Who will speak out for those who have no voice? Since the White House refuses to refute these evils, much less even acknowledge them, will you be the one to do it?