ISIS plans to move its war…. check that. ISIS plans to move its satanic murder of helpless and innocent people to Israel to avenge the complete ass-whipping the Palestinians are deservedly suffering. They might want to think twice about that. Israel is not the limpdick, militarily, that the United States is, or at least appears to be, given the inaction of the Obama administration. ISIS marched across Iraq because they were unopposed. The US military was long gone, due to the stupidity of its Commander-in-Chief, who also refused to obliterate ISIS from the air, which could easily have been done, and the Iraqi Army discarded their uniforms and cowered under their beds in fear. Pretty easy to run across a country and get all cocky under those circumstances. That will not be the case with Israel. IDF will CRUSH ISIS, and do it quickly. The goat humpers are going to wind up eating their reckless words if they follow through on their threat…..