ISIS now has tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped on a mountaintop, gleefully awaiting as they die of thirst, all the while raping and butchering those who did not make it to the mountains. And we yawn, and drop two bombs, one on a mortar position, and one on a 7-vehicle convoy. Knee-slapping humor any jihadi is sure to appreciate.

Why is the civilized world watching this genocidal phenomenon, brought into the collective consciousness via cell phone camera and social media, with little more than a shrug?

Excerpted from Powerline, by Paul Mirengoff:


Why did President Obama stand by while ISIS conquered much of Iraq? The reason seems straightforward: he doesn’t believe in using force unless it’s part of an international effort.

Obama has offered a different explanation, though. He says he’s been unwilling to intervene because “there’s no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq.” “The only lasting solution,” he adds, “is reconciliation among Iraqi communities and stronger Iraqi security forces.”

Obama is referring to the fact that the Maliki government’s outrageous conduct alienated Sunnis (and others) to the point that many Sunnis thought ISIS might be preferable to continued rule by Baghdad. Thus, as Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post has reported, “the administration worried that interjecting itself into the conflict would inevitably open it to charges of siding with one side or the other in what has become an increasingly sectarian battle.”

In the same vein, Obama has let it be known that he will not permit the U.S. to serve as Maliki’s air force or, for that matter, the Kurds’.

Great campaign rhetoric, but the fact is King Hussein has made the United States Karzai’s army and air force in Afghanistan for the past five years, and the Taliban are church-going boy scouts compared to ISIS. So that argument is just so much BS.

Powerline: If Obama declined to take military action because he just didn’t want to fight, that’s unfortunate and possibly tragic, but understandable. If he declined because he didn’t want to take sides in a battle between pure evil and a legitimate, though badly flawed, government, that’s reprehensible. Moral cowardice is much worse than the ordinary kind.

Much closer to the truth, but still doesn’t tell the whole story.


Let’s face it. Our current president, by all his actions, inactions, and statements, appears to favor Muslims. Muslims over Jews. Muslims over Christians. Muslims over everyone. Innocent people are literally losing their heads to the scum that is ISIS. It doesn’t matter how wrong Muslims are. It doesn’t matter how immoral or criminally insane they are. Our president may order an obligatory pinprick for PR, but its effect against ISIS is comedic.

And our incredibly incompetent Congress sits by and watches. As he usurps their authority, the left cheers and the right struts to the nearest microphone for so much disingenuous righteous indignation. And they do NOTHING!!!!