Obama Nominates Cop Killer Advocate to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division

From Town Hall
Katie Pavlich | Jan 08, 2014
Katie Pavlich

In 1982, former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal never denied the killing during his trial. He, and his supporters, are still unapologetic for Faulkner’s death. More on this from Matthew Vadum:

 “The question of Abu-Jamal’s guilt is not a close call,” according to John Fund. “Two hospital workers testified that Abu-Jamal confessed to them: ‘I shot the motherf***er, and I hope the motherf***er dies.’ His brother, William, has never testified to his brother’s innocence even though he was at the scene of the crime. Abu-Jamal himself chose not to testify in his own defense.”

As Faulkner tried to arrest Abu-Jamal’s brother during a traffic stop, Abu-Jamal shot the policeman once in the back and then stood over him and shot him four more times at close range, once directly in the face. Multiple eyewitnesses were present during the crime.

One of those unapologetic supporters is former NAACP Legal Defense Official Debo P. Adegbile, who has worked tirelessly to free guilty murderer Abu-Jamal from prison. President Obama has nominated Adegbile to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general to replace radical Tom Perez, who is now the Secretary of Labor. Adegbile is sure to continue carrying out the radical racial agenda of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder with the weight of the law behind him.

After the Supreme Court threw out the Beard v. Abu-Jamal case in 2010, a petition was circulated calling for President Obama and Attorney General Holder to investigate the “long history of civil rights and constitutional violations” in Abu-Jamal’s case. If Adegbile is confirmed, it is likely he will open up an investigation into the Abu-Jamal case, despite multiple court rulings over the past three decades upholding his murder conviction.

On the voting front, there are many concerns about how Adegbile will enforce or change the law. In June 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional, allowing states to change their voting laws without prior approval from the Justice Department. Attorney General Eric Holder has essentially ignored the ruling.Through his extensive work at the NAACP and in arguments before the Supreme Court, Adegbile has made it clear he does not believe civil rights apply to whites.

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media seems to be less interested in Adegbile’s radical ties and more interested in his role on Sesame Street as a child actor.

Not every child actor grows up to be a high-ranking Justice Department official, but Debo P. Adegbile has a chance to do just that.

Adegbile, who appeared on Sesame Street during the 1970s, has been nominated to be the new assistant attorney general for civil rights; President Obama submitted the nomination to the Senate on Monday.

If confirmed, Adegbile would replace Tom Perez, the new secretary of labor.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Adegbile’s previous career:

“When he was 4 or 5, a friend noticed an ad seeking children to audition for Sesame Street. Adegbile landed the job and played the part of Debo, a child of the Sesame Street neighborhood, until high school.

Adegbile will testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday at 10 am et.