Our Prez must be smoking something!

From Free Patriot, 9/25/2013

During the filibuster, President Obama took the opportunity to tweet that insurance costs had fallen by more than 3000%. Specifically, he tweeted

“Not only are premiums lower than they were, they’re lower than the most optimistic predictions.” —President Obama on Obamacare 

Within moments numerous tweets shot back with “you lie.” You can see those on Twitchy. At best, only a handful of states can say their premiums have risen modestly. For the rest of the United States, insurance policies have either disappeared, or increased so dramatically that there is little paycheck left after insurance and taxes.

The only source that appears to claim that premiums are low is the Kaiser Family Foundation. They noted that premiums are “lower than expected” which could mean they didn’t rise as much as the foundation predicted. Readers may recall that the Kaiser Family Foundation was established by George Kaiser, the same George Kaiser of Solyndra and other green energy scandals. The same foundation that said they could make green energy profitable before Solyndra went bankrupt using US Energy Department loans. Yes, that George Kaiser.

We’ll skip Kaiser’s study on that basis alone. However, there is an excellent take down of the study at Breitbart.

As Forbes points out, nearly all of the credible studies show that ObamaCare will increase medical costs of a typical family of four by $7,450. While the actual dollar amount depends on the state, the reality is that no state is seeing a $3,000 decrease that was promised.

If the President thinks he is correct, he should go down to the floor of the Senate and Debate Senator Cruz directly. After all, President Obama should be more than familiar with the rules of the Senate, given his extensive time of service in the Senate.