Are We About To Wake Up To Treason From The Secretary Of State?

From Free Patriot
Posted by: September 25, 2013 


We have voted in the Senate that the United Nations Gun Treaty should not be implemented in the United States by a majority of the vote, with only 49 people voting for the UN Small arms treaty, all Democrats save 2 independents.  We had the Senate Arms Committee coming out and saying that the American public would not stand for this. Countless posters are in people’s lawns and on their social media that any attempt by the UN to enforce trying to undermine the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. So are we about to wake up Wednesday (September 25th, 2013) to find that the Secretary of State has committed treason?

Reports are pouring in from Washington DC (Capital Hill News, The Hill, and others) that the main stream media is ignoring. It seems to concern every American that owns small arms, but no one is paying attention.  It seems that despite the Senate, the Arms Committee, the NRA, the gun lobbies, the American Public, and several law enforcement agencies opposing the UN Small Arms Treaty, Secretary of State John Kerry is lining up to sign it anyway, as early as this morning.

Senator James (Jim) Inhoffe (R-OK), chairman of the Senate Arms Committee stated after hearing this news to the Hill:

This treaty is already dead in the water in the Senate, and they know it. The Administration is wasting precious time trying to sign away our laws to the global community and unelected U.N. bureaucrats.”

As a matter of fact this lost in the Senate by a 51 to 49 majority before it could even go to the House because it contained the verbiage “small arms”, which holds a wide range from your 9mm to your great grandfather’s passed down 30/30.

Another piece of legislation that was Chaired by Senator Inhoffe garnered the 53 votes necessary to block any and all attempts by this administration to be able to sign or enforce the United Nations Treaty.

While Kerry and Obama are trying to say that this piece of legislation, that would be treason to enforce in the United States, is to prevent the sale and distribution over seas to countries such as Syria as a world crime (and giving Syria $196 million and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood $150 million wasn’t?)although most legal experts disagree.  Most legal experts I listen to or read are calling this an illegal gun grab by this administration.

While the advocates are claiming this is to prevent terrorist countries and regimes from getting their hands on these “small arms” weapons to include fully automatic weapons, the wording of the treaty covers everything from rocket launchers to side arms and bans the sale or distribution to anyone considered against the current government. Looking at the new FBI Lexicon makes it clear who Obama intends to use this against with the wordings of “Constitutional Patriot, Tea-Party Extremist, Right Wing Hate Groups,  and Christian Radicals (conveniently missing are the terms Radical Islamist and Jehadist)”. It is also noteworthy that refusing to sign the treaty are the two other super powers; China and Russia.

Signing the treaty with the UN without Congressional approval is treason. Bringing troops onto our soil from foreign countries would be treason. Trying to enforce foreign laws on US soil is treason. Every bit of this move by Obama and Kerry is treason.

So let us hope that with us just waking up, having a cup of coffee and reading our news that we are not being sold to a foreign nation or the United Nations by Obama and Kerry.


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