by Joseph Farah, WND

No one seems to know what to do as al-Qaida masses an irregular Black Flag army and heads toward Baghdad for a final showdown.

What am I missing here?

When the bad guys come out of the shadows, out of their holes, out of their hiding places, and into the light, you eradicate them with air power.

What’s happening in Iraq right now is not really a crisis. It’s an opportunity!

It’s the best opportunity we’ve had to set back al-Qaida in years.

Of course, Obama is conflicted.

Look at his history.

When millions of Egyptians rallied in the streets to overthrow Muslim Brotherhood warlord Muhammad Morsi as president, Obama suspended aid he had earmarked for the tyrant he helped bring to power.

When a Muslim Brotherhood army that included a strong al-Qaida element set out to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, Obama sought congressional approval for airstrikes to support the insurgents – and he did help arm them.

He can’t wait to turn Afghanistan over to the “Tallybon,” as he likes to call them. He even released five of their top commanders from Guantanamo Bay using the excuse of bringing home an American captive. Of course that “prisoner of war” turned out to be a deserter and a Taliban collaborator.

There’s a pattern here. If you can’t see it, check your lenses. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. To expect him to come to Iraq’s aid with air power that can blow away much of the al-Qaida terrorist army amassing on the road to Baghdad would be foolhardy. It’s against all his instincts.

There’s another reason Obama has hesitated to take this obvious action. This will be hard to believe for some, but the facts are becoming more apparent everyday: Obama fosters chaos.

We don’t think about government being empowered by chaos – at home and abroad. But it is. It’s simply the Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids. Choosing the right option, the obvious action, at home or abroad, is never going to be easy for Obama. Because the right option will reduce the chaos. Obama’s ideology embraces chaos because it eventually leads to bigger and more powerful government.

There’s another reason Obama has difficulty ordering the destruction of an al-Qaida army. he had already told Americans al-Qaida was on the run. Now we know the truth. Al-Qaida is on the run to Baghdad. And where it runs after that is anyone’s guess.

You don’t think we’re missing a big opportunity in Iraq every day?

I would like to remind you, visually, of what an opportunity it is.

This was what we did to Saddam Hussein’s army in the first Gulf War. Remember? Saddam had declared he was going to defeat U.S. military forces in the “mother of all battles.” This is what his army looked like after U.S. air power took care of it. Toast!

This is what U.S. military air power can do to that Black Flag al-Qaida army right now – today – before it reaches Baghdad.

We can eradicate them. We don’t have to worry about nation-building. We don’t have to worry about what will happen afterward. One thing we know for sure, al-Qaida will truly be on the run after this kind of setback.

I know Obama is not going to listen to me.

I doubt he will listen to Congress. I doubt he will listen to the American people, who are genuinely and understandably tired of foreign wars without end.

But I marvel at the talking-head pundits who are wringing their hands, wondering what we can possibly do to stave off an al-Qaida takeover of Iraq after we poured so much blood, sweat, tears, not to mention billions of dollars, into “nation-building.”

Forget nation-building. What is needed in Iraq right now is a big fiery wrecking ball that hits the bad guys deliriously waving the Black Flags.