Extremists, Anarchists And “Counterfeit” Patriots

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 BY  
statue of liberty 239x300 Extremists, Anarchists and Counterfeit Patriots

It’s perplexing to see how many people these days claim that they stand up for America, but when the time comes to actually do something,they have other plans. Unfortunately, those who do choose to take a stand for the Constitution are demonized as extremists and anarchists.

Here are some thoughts to ponder. Do you believe that America is a Democracy as so many of our elected leaders tell us? Do you believe that the FederalGovernment was established to be a safety net for all? Do you believe thatAmerica should have her borders open for all to come here to find a better life at thegovernments expense? Do you believe that the government is the soul source of protection for average Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic? Do you believe that the government should be incontrol of our schools, our food, our health care , and our industry? Do you believe that government should be getting involved in nation building abroad? Well, if you believe any of these things, you are by no means a Patriot. You are part of the problem.

You see, America was founded as a Constitutional Representative Republic. We did not cede the power of the people to our elected representatives. We elected them to exercise our power as prescribed by our founding documents . The US Constitution was not written to tell thegovernment what they could do, it was written to tell the government what they cannot do. Now, through the use of executive orders and court orders by liberal judges who supposedly exercisethe rule of law, the Constitution is being eroded at every turn.

Why is this happening? Because of the uneducated, so called Patriots. Do you know what theConstitution says? Or the Declaration of Independence? Do you know that the power over your own destiny lies with you and not your government? Did you know that it is your God given right to be an American? Do you know that our Founding Fathers fought and died for the veryFreedom and Liberty that we are now allowing to be stolen from us by the people we have elected?

Jesus spoke at great length in the New Testament about the parable of the seed. The one that was cast amongst the thorns and was immediately choked, or the one that was cast upon the rocks and stood tall and flourished for only a short time, or the one that was planted in fertile soil and stood tall and strong, being able to weather any storm. My point is this: do you just not careand think your government will take care of you from cradle to grave, or are you just the occasional flag waver who comes out on Memorial Day and Independence Day , or are you deeply rooted in the Founding Documents for the cause of true Freedom and Liberty?

Choose you this day, whom you shall serve. A bloated,out of  control, self serving government?  Or the greatest, Constitutional Republic ever known to the world which has survived for over 230 years? Always remember fellow Patriots, Freedom wasn’t and still isn’t free. As always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.