An RQ-7 Shadow 200 unmanned aerial vehicle launches Nov. 2, 2009 during a training mission at Fort McCoy. (DMA.WI.GOV)

A 375 military drone crashed Thursday in the front yard of a Pennsylvania elementary school.
The drone crashed at 3:30 PM.
FOX News reported:

Pennsylvania authorities are investigating Thursday as to why an unmanned drone crash landed near a Pennsylvania elementary school.

The Lebanon Daily News identified the 375-pound drone as a RQ-7 Shadow, operated by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. A military official called Wednesday afternoon’s incident a hard landing, but the drone was apparently run over by a car.

Guardsmen reportedly retrieved pieces of the 11-foot aircraft from the front of Lickdale Elementary School, which is outside Harrisburg. The drone reportedly lost power at some point during the flight. There were no injuries and the drone was destroyed.