I posted this a few days ago, but I believe it is worthy of re-posting, as it so clearly demonstrates many of the problems in America today.

Attending a local Baltimore area school board meeting to discuss the Common Core curriculum, one parent, Robert Small, rose to challenge the curriculum. He was arrested and faces over ten years in prison for speaking.

The assembly had been advertised as an opportunity to discuss Common Core. In reality it was a shameless pep rally for Common Core organized by local supporters.

Many of the parents at the meeting had serious problems with the curriculum and with the treatment of Robert Small. However, they did nothing. Too bad there weren’t a handful of Italian soccer fans in attendance…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIad1JAnEkI

Just a few of the problems parents are finding with Common Core are a glossing over of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and in particular, the Second Amendment; fringe writers replacing classic authors; explicit sexual content; and math teachers not being allowed to require correct equations. So, apparently, the school board could use a little remedial training in the Constitution, especially the First Amendment, which they blatantly violated in not permitting this parent to speak. Welcome to 1984….