U.S. Army Officer’s Letter To The American People…

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Letter from a United States Army Officer to the People of the United States:

The United States Army is here to support and defend the People of the United States. The Army is not supposed to be a tool used by the Executive Branch to wage proxy wars against Nations with different views or to impose the will of institutionalized businesses on the rest of the world as it has over the last 12 years.

We, the United States, have been part of a never ending series of proxy wars and illegal unecessary wars that really began over 65 years ago. It is time to stop. It is time for the people to take back control of our government and stop the useless killing of thousands based on the greed of a few profitable organizations.

All Soldiers have taken a sworn oath to defend the Constitution against its enemies both domestic and foreign and remain loyal to the American way of life. There are two different oaths that are taken. One is for Soldiers and one is for Officers. Both swear to support and defend the Constitution. The key difference is the omission of the promise to obey in the Officer’s oath. Officers are legally bound by the same Uniformed Code of Military Justice as all Soldiers are, but they are not morally bound. Officers are trusted by the American People, through their congressional representatives who approve commissions, with the enormous moral responsibility of knowing when not to obey.

If our government chooses to continue the fight for global dominance, the lethal enforcement of our values on nations abroad, and the use of force on our own citizens then I will be one Army Officer who makes the moral decision to say no, and challenge our leadership. I will no doubt be subjected to trial and punishment for disobeying orders but I will share my views with other Army Officers and hope that they stand with me against the continuation of senseless use of force that has no international legal justification.

Over the last decade I have personally seen enduring examples of the Nation’s love and support for us in this fight and we have cherished them for doing so. Now know that you will always have our support. Do not be afraid to speak up. We are an Army for the People by the People. We are bound by the Constitution, not a power hungry institution. Know that as you stand up for what’s right we will be there to defend you, not silence you.