Powdered Wig Society

By Thomas Madison

So, MSNBC is on a firing binge. Good on them! God knows there are plenty of worthy pink slip candidates at the Obama news network. Alec Baldwin has a Tourette seizure every ten minutes or so, flailing and cussing and sticking his finger in the faces of anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves within twenty feet of the diseased cadaver. Going nose-to-nose with ladies, while delivering a steady stream of caustic invective has all but guaranteed Baldwin a spot in the Douchenozzle Hall of Fame. But is that the standard for firing at MSLSD?

Having embarrassing public tirades is certainly no way to represent a top-rate television network with over 184 viewers, but getting fired for it? Well, I reckon even MSDNC has a breaking point.

Behold! There is a new pink slip poster boy for the world’s least-watched television network, having just slipped behind SPC (Sock Puppet Channel), which has finally eclipsed 190 viewers.


All the poor guy did was bash every conservative ever born in the most defaming, libelous language. Not unlike Baldwin, it finally took an invective-laced tirade against a woman to convince the obviously uber-competent leadership at MSDOA to show Batshit the door. Whooda’ thunk that MSGFY would actually fire a seasoned professional like Batshit for suggesting that someone defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Although I’m sure management agrees with the spirit, sentiment, and language of his foaming-at-the-mouth harangue, it appears MSGTFO’s top sponsors are more than irate over the negative publicity. Larry’s Mower Repair Shop and Chang’s Coin Laundry have both threatened to pull their advertising if radical steps are not implemented immediately to correct the situation.

Bye-bye, Batshit! We hardly knew ya’.