Gov. Scott Walker Defies Obama’s Order to Shut Down State Parks

From Capitalism Institute

October 5, 2013

The Obama administration has openly been trying to make the shutdown as painful as possible. They’veshut down hundreds of privately funded parks, spent money barricading the WWII memorialeven threatened the vets, and apark ranger has explained that he wasexplicitly ordered to make it as “painful as possible” for people. It’s really disgusting.

The latest example of Obama’s overreach is when it comes to the state parks in Wisconsin. Obama’s federal government tried to orderhim to shut down the state park. Gov. Walker’s response? He’s defying theorder, because he believes that since most funding comes from the state, he shouldn’t have to shut it down. Good for him.

It’s time we beginning encouraging and supporting governors and state governments that push back against the feds. It’s their responsibility to do so — the states are the final defense against federal tyranny and bullying.