These brain-dead morons are typical of their generation, AND they enjoy the privilege to vote! This is just one of the VERY serious issues that need to be addressed in a Constitutional Convention of States – voter reform, specifically repealing the 26th Amendment, which gave teenagers the eligibility to vote.

Among the reforms I would like to see to our voting system begin with repealing the 26th Amendment, with a new amendment that includes the following:

1. Voter ID. Absolute must! Not requiring a picture ID to vote is STUPID!

2. Minimum voting age of 25. Teenagers (generally) do not possess the life experience, maturity, and intellectual refinement to make such weighty decisions. This video makes that painfully obvious.

3.. Those on public assistance should not be eligible to vote, which is an automatic conflict of interest. How easy would it be for a candidate to get himself or herself elected by promising to triple the amount of welfare payments? VERY easy! Clear conflict of interest.

4. Reduce absentee voting to a minimum, which is where a great deal of voter fraud has been discovered. Only those who have an absolute need, especially deployed soldiers (generic for all servicemembers), should be provided absentee ballots.

Listening to these imbeciles pledge, straight out, that they will vote for Hillary, then scour their empty skulls, searching for a single Hillary accomplishment, is mind-blowing. I really enjoyed (NOT) the overweight “dude” in the striped shirt, who believes that he is growing a beard. Claiming that he is a “huge Hillary fan,” and writing the thesis for his Master’s degree on her (3:09 mark), then listing her greatest accomplishment as Benghazi?! Shit-fer-brains!

Of all the problems we face as a country, none is more important than voter reform. Without it, none of the other problems will be corrected.