Global Fear Mongering Strikes Out Again

From Free Patriot
Posted by: September 27, 2013 


The world ‘s biggest and baddest fear mongers led by Obama have urged the IPCC to fake their report on the current state of global hoaxing.  The cooling temperatures and the rising of sea ice have thrown the global cooling deniers into a panic.  No increase in temperatures since 1998 and this year’s sea increasing greatly over last year is threatening grants to scientists studying the effects of global warming on the Coney Island hot dog eating contest.  In fact the amount of ice this year increased by what amounts to 19,000 Manhattan Islands.

So why did the world’s government try to cover up the facts, that all the global warming models are not just wrong but magnificantly wrong?  Well, for one thing, there is a lot of money in global warming and Barack Obama has found it an excellant method of repaying large donors for their generous campaign contributions.  But the truth is, the global warming myth has only survived this long because of intentional fraud by scientists. 

Big money grants for studying the strangest things give scientists the tools they need to make big money on utter nonsense.  I am reminded of a study that found that global warming caused poor Filopino girls to become prostitutes.  What I take from this is that before global warming all prostitutes were rich white women.

Global warming is a tool of the left to use for redistribution of wealth between countries.  Remember the Kyoto Protocol?  Richer nations, who have the strictest standards had to cut back on emissions, while developing contries with little or no restrictions could pollute all they wanted to.

But possibly the biggest blow to global cooling deniers is the fact that their side has so many defectors.  Probably the most notable of these is Dr David Evans, who fought tooth and nail to get Australia to sign the Kyoto Protocol and then spent the next six years running their compliance office.  Scientific evidence poured in until he could no longer deny that global warming was a myth perpetrated by grant hungry scientists riding the gravy train.

True science has never had to have fraud to support it and it certainly doesn’t need it now.  It is merely using fraud to cover up even more fraud.