As stated by our exclusive IDF source: “This photo is just a clue
of what is really happening to us.”

Photo credit:  IDF Soldier.  Weapons cache captured inside a tunnel between Israel and Gaza - July 2014

by Tony Mele, Rockland Voice

Exclusive to ROCKLANDVOICE.COM from a source inside the IDF are photos of captured weapons seized in tunnels between Gaza and Israel.   The weapons seizure provide irrefutable evidence not only of the tunnel systems used to infiltrate terrorist into the State of Israel, but the large cache of weapons they possess in order to launch these attacks.

The long touted “Land For Peace” treaty between the Palestinian Authority and State of Israel signed on the White House lawn between Yasser Arafat and Yitchak Rabin, witnessed by then President Bill Clinton, called for among other things, the demilitarization of Gaza and the full withdrawal  of the IDF.

Rabin and Arafat shake hands

In return for Billions of dollars in US foreign aid, an accord was reached to stop attacks against Israel from Gaza and the West Bank,  in return for a full withdrawal of IDF from Gaza.

The foreign aid was designated to the rebuilding of Gaza to help transform it into the “Shanghai” trading port of the region.  Such a development would raise the prospect of creating wealth in the former devastated areas.  The shipping ports importing and exporting cargo would boost trade and tourism, that would uplift the poverty-stricken with much-needed jobs and boom to business and capital.  Or so was the plan.

Fighting intensified between HAMAS and Israel because of the rocket attacks into Israel.  Israel responded with “Operation Protective Edge” bombing rocket launch sites.   HAMAS continues to fire rockets into Israel, but most of those rockets were intercepted by the Israeli Anti-Missile Defense System called; “Iron Dome”.   The IDF have counter-attacked specific targets where launchers and crews were detected.  However, the civilian casualties are mounting.

Amid charges that the IDF are targeting civilians, while the IDF report that HAMAS are herding civilians into the kill zone to ‘mount up the body count’, the casualty rate continues to climb.  The Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu claims that HAMAS is responsible for the casualties for the purpose of “tele genetics”.

Netanyahu says HAMAS using civilians for Tele genetics

The capture of weapons caches in the tunnels demonstrate that HAMAS has expended extensive resources in planning attacks against the State of Israel in clear violation of the Oslo Accords and every other signed treaty prohibiting such terrorist attacks.

The latest clash also demonstrate that Peace Accords and Billions of dollars in enticements have not deterred HAMAS from their penchant for attacking the State of Israel, and have diverted large quantities of foreign aid and resources to perpetuating that fight; instead of building Gaza as it was intended.   The Agreement was basically for the two sides to de-couple, build their economies and each leave the other alone.