Egyptian Reporter to Hamas: "Dream On! You Belong in a Mental Asylum!"

by Brandon Walker, Mad World

A reporter speaking for the Egyptian associated press tells Hamas after reading their demands, “Dream on! You belong in a mental asylum!”

On July 16, the Egyptian brokered peace treaty took effect. Egypt, Israel, the United Arab Emirate, the European Union, and even President Obama (wanted for war crimes in Egypt) praised the plan and put it into action.

One problem, Hamas wouldn’t honor it and threatened to make their people martyrs. Israel honored the cease fire for six hours as they watched the Iron Dome stop 50 rockets above Israel and one hundred rockets fell back in Palestinian territory.

Instead they released a list of ten demands and said that would broker a ten year peace treaty.

1. Return of IDF tank positions so that farmers can work their lands

2. Freeing of all prisoners arrested since June 23 (when 3 Israeli teens were killed by Hamas operatives), and improving the conditions of those currently in prison.

3. Lifting of Israel’s naval blockade around Gaza along with the complete opening of the land border crossings.

4. Establishment of an international airport and seaport in Gaza.

5. Expansion of Gaza fishing zone by six miles.

6. Open the Israel-Gaza Rafah border crossing permanently under UN supervision, instead of under Israel’s watch.

7. 10 year truce with Israel along with the deployment of an international observer force on the border.

8. Israel must never enter Gaza under any circumstances and protect Palestinian Muslim worshipers at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

9. Israel must refrain from interfering with the newly created unity Palestinian  government between Fatah and Hamas.

10. Rehabilitation of Gaza Industrial Zones and allowance for Gaza to create a border protection force. ~Breitbart

The Egyptian press was not too kind in their response to this idiotic line of thinking that you have a right to make demands while people are being killed. While they admitted no love for Israel, their words for their “estranged brothers” were priceless.