by Jerry Novick, Clash Daily
Back before the Liberals had near-total control of the public education system, we used to learn critical thinking in school. One tool we use is the “compare and contrast” essay. And while these days the closest we get to publicly funded critical thinking is the “three of these things belong together” song on Sesame Street, I’ve decided to resurrect the form here to shine a light on the evil that lives in Gaza and the one that lives in our own White House.

Originally, I was going to stick to four similarities between Obama and HAMAS so as not to stretch beyond the Sesame Street model. But then I remembered that mostly Conservatives read this column, and I have confidence that they have grown well past the remedial level of mind control foisted upon them by schools that are more like babysitters than bastions of knowledge.

Besides, seven is supposed to be considered lucky, and with any luck we’ll be free of HAMAS and Barack Obama before too long.

So let the light shining begin!

1. They both worship Allah: Let’s just get that one out of the way up front. Barack Obama can claim all he wants that he’s Christian, but his actions speak louder than words. Actions such as promoting how great Islam supposedly is in various speeches and declarations while leaving Christians like Pastor Saeed to be persecuted and killed all around the globe without so much as a word.

2. They both hate Israel: From opening his reign of terror to suggesting that Israel shrink its borders back to the pre-1967 lines to his recent condemnation of Israel defending itself against its enemies, Obama proves time and time again just whose side he is on. And HAMAS, well their only reason for being is to destroy the Jewish homeland.

3. They both ignore borders to sneak invaders into the country: U.S. southern border completely open – check. HAMAS terror tunnels into Israel – check.

4. They both use women and children as human shields: From Obama’s zealous promotion of abortion to HAMAS’ placing rockets inside of schools and hospitals, both of these evil entities are more than willing to let their own people die to advance their cause.

5. They are both very good at playing the PR game: Despite his glaring flaws, his heinous actions, and his complete failure as a leader, Obama was elected President twice because he’s good in front of the cameras and at manipulating people. Heck, even with his long list of disasters and scandals, there are close to 40% of people in America who still support him. Yes, that’s a reflection on their own Progressive zeal as much as on his prowess with the press, but still… 40%?!?!?! Meanwhile HAMAS has enough idiots in Hollywood and around the world calling Israel to task for defending itself to gin up letters from uneducated actors (who make up a large portion of that 40% who support Obama) and protests in France (yeah, I know, it’s France… but still…).

6. They both blame others for their problems: We’re nearly 6 years into Obama’s time in the White House, and he’s still blaming Bush. And HAMAS doesn’t know the meaning of the word “responsibility” at all. Just the words “Death to all Jews!” Come to think of it, it wouldn’t surprise me if both HAMAS and Obama also said what the other is saying, too.

7. They both live in luxury while their people’s lives get worse by the day: Both Obama and HAMAS leader Khaled Meshaal like to live large. Obama parties in the White House with Jay-Z, goes on countless vacations, plays golf more than Tiger Woods, and has a taste for expensive things like his wife’s wardrobe and Kobe Beef . Meanwhile Khaled Meshaal kicks back in a luxury hotel in Qatar like a king (or at least like Obama) while his minions do his dirty work.

I could go on listing the similarities between the terrorist and HAMAS, but why? If these facts aren’t enough to wake up the 40%, then no alarm clock in the universe will. Which is why it is so vitally important that the Conservatives reading this column get out there and motivate the other 60% to full-on action. We need to get people to stop being passive observers to being protesters, activists, and voters. If the elections of 2012 taught us one thing, it is that sitting at home leads to disaster.

So bring the message to the masses: Israel and America both have to fight for their survival now… because tomorrow is definitely too late.