One Of Many Corridors In Guantanamo Bay Now Empty After Obama’s Pardon Of Its Prisoners

A collective sigh of relief is felt by Afghanistan families worldwide as news comes to light of Obama’s pardon of the remaining prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. While the nation gears up to stand shoulder to shoulder with our former enemy, Al Quada, we look to tackle an even greater threat against the free world: Syria’s deplorable use of chemical warfare against innocent people. “You cross an invisible line when you begin using chemical weapons. Just because you can’t see it, or touch it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s a line in morality and Syria has crossed it. ” President Obama said at a recent Presidential dinner party. “This is an evil that is greater than anything we have faced thus far as American’s.” The super prison’s vacancy status comes to us from a guard working in Guantanamo Bay. He has asked that we do not reveal his identity for fear of professional backlash. In a phone conversation with the Army Official he had this to say: “I know what’s happening here is wrong… I couldn’t just turn a blind eye… You… You don’t know these prisoners like I do… Some of these men that have been released… I believe they could potentially be dangerous… The country needs to know…” He went on: “They’ve been gone for almost three months… Obama signed the papers… Hundreds of ‘em… They’re all free men now…” “Obama signed an executive order to free the prisoners under the Patriot Act’s National Secrecy clause. That’s why no one’s hearing about this until now.” We were also told by our Guantanamo Bay correspondent that the newly freed prisoners will be integrated into American society with new identities and clean slates under the federal witness protection act. Also, as compensation for having been imprisoned, each will be given free housing, employment and specialized tax breaks. In turn, US Officials believe they will help in the fight against our new Syrian threat. No one knows exactly where these individuals will be placed. It’s believed they will be planted throughout the country in unassuming, small town communities. They may even be your new neighbors. There, they will begin their journey to becoming productive members of American society (yeah, right!).