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600+ Egyptians Killed With Obama’s Weapons… He Plays Golf

Obama took a break from his vacation to speak some words about the Egyptian conflict that has taken over 600 lives so far over the last few days. Then he went back to his time golfing in the luxury retreats at Martha’s Vineyard.

Remember, Obama is the one who dumped tanks, F-16s, and teargas on the government of Egypt. During the conflict that has broken out, both sides are essentially using weapons connected to the US. This is his approach: dump weapons and cash on a violent region and hope for the best. To say that this strategy “doesn’t work” would be an understatement.

It’s no surprise that Egyptians continue to turn against the US government as we’re essentially making absolutely no sense while dumping weapons and cash into the country. We’re meddling without a purpose — and people are dying.

Obama has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, encouraging them to push for a “second chance” in elections, and calling for their leader to be released. At the same time, he continues to arm the military which still has the weapons he’s been dumping on them for years.

The end result is that Obama is helping trigger a civil war that will be blamed on the United States for decades.

From the Washington Post, emphasis mine:

Put it this way: President Obama’s Egypt policy is about as effective as his Syria policy. And for the first time Wednesday, with the number of dead and injured mounting, one could almost envision Egypt’s descent into out-and-out civil war. Obama was briefed, said nothing and went back to golf.

Since yesterday, the violence has gotten worse. Hundreds are dead in a country collapsing into civil war.

From the Associated Press:

At least 638 people were confirmed killed and nearly 4,000 wounded in the violence sparked when riot police backed by armored vehicles and bulldozers smashed the two sit-ins in Cairo where Morsi’s mainly Islamist supporters had been camped out for six weeks calling for his reinstatement. It was the deadliest day by far since the 2011 popular uprising that toppled autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarak and plunged the country into more than two years of instability.

The US position on this should be non-existent. We should have never armed the Egyptian government — neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the opposition. We should have left them alone. Now, instead, millions of people will only remember that it was the United States who dumped the weapons that helped slaughter their countrymen.

Once again, Obama is strengthening radicalism and terrorist views of the United States. Every new family butchered leaves hundreds of people who despise the US government. This is how terrorism and anti-US sentiment is formed.

It will take decades of work to undue what Obama has already done — or possibly even longer. Stop the arms shipments. Stop the aid. Leave Egypt alone.