Georgia sets the stage for other states to follow, prohibiting local officials from assisting in the implementation of Obamacare.


From Right Wing News

by Duane Lester

The legislation effectively nullifies ObamaCare by stopping state and local officials from assisting in the law’s implementation in any way. This would stop Medicaid expansion in the state, stop the health insurance exchange, and would make it very difficult for the Obama Administration to force Georgians into the one-size-fits-all federal program.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “The passage of this ObamaCare nullification bill would not have been successful without the relentless efforts of grassroots activists across Georgia. They’re the ones that insisted their legislators listen and pass this bill. If and when the bill passes the State Senate, Georgia will be a model for other states who want to effectively push back against the federal health care takeover.”

The bill is expected to breeze through the Georgia Senate. This is where the battle for liberty is now.  It’s in the state capitols.

Enough is enough.  States need to remind Washington DC that they created the federal government. They need to put it back in its cage.