International Criminal Courts to consider White Genocide in S.A.


A case of White Genocide in South Africa has been filed in the International Criminal Courts this week.

A member of the “Americans against White Genocide in South Africa” group, has said there has been a “case filed against Genocide today at the International Criminal Courts in the Hague“.

A PDF of the scanned letter they received from the Hague “acknowledges receipt” of the letter against White Genocide.

The group primarily seems to be based on Facebook, where it has almost 600 members.

On Facebook, the group’s description says:

This group is based in America. The aim is to bring the plight of the White minority group in South Africa, commonly referred to as the Boers. (The Boers are White Farmers whose families have come here very much like our own-covered wagon- pioneers. Their families have lived in South Africa for over 300 years).

It continues,

Over 4,000 of these farmers (men, women and their children…) have now been tortured, raped, & then murdered… over 68,800 other Whites have also been murdered in [various] ways. Their crime?? There only “crime” is the color of their skin…they are White who would know here in America-that these South African Whites have been slaughtered for years now and this is still going on in 2013, daily!!! Neither our media or theirs tell us of this genocide! This needs to stop!!!

They are also excluded from the workforce and the unemployed are forced to live in squatter camps with very little or no assistance from governmental institutions. If you give a White person a job, you can go to prison for 25 years!!!letter

White people in South Africa have been placed at stage 6 of the 8 stages of genocide byGenocide Watch, ran by Professor Gregory Stanton.

The murder rate for Boers (White farmers), is four times higher than that of the general South African population, and since 1994, at least 70,000 White people have been murdered by Black people. There has been no government crackdown on these murders, in fact leaders of South Africa have sang the “Kill the Boer” song several times.

South Africa is an example of White genocide turned incredibly violent; if White genocide by assimilation keeps happening the organized genocidal murders of White people all over the planet could start gaining more speed.